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About Winoca Books & Media

The publishing scene: great books, good books, bad books
In today's global media environment, book publishing runs the gamut from multinational conglomerates to print-on-demand and self-publishing. Authors have a bewildering array of venues for their work. How do you even know which direction to start?

Should you invest the time and energy in seeking a major publisher for your manuscript? Certainly, if your book is likely to appeal to a wide national and international market, and if you're willing to gamble that it will attract readers in the tens or hundreds of thousands. Traditional publishing houses are responsible for bringing most of the world's great books to bookstores, libraries, and online channels. They invest enormous amounts of money, talent, and faith in a process that yields many new titles, among them a few bestsellers and critical successes each year.

Perhaps your project is a good match for a boutique or university press. If it's thoroughly researched, well written, distinctive, suitable for literary or academic readers, and likely to sell copies in the thousands—there are respected smaller publishers or specialty houses that also publish excellent books. These houses generally publish on a standard royalty basis but pay little or no advance (university presses often accept subventions to underwrite unusual production costs as well, though availability of subvention funds does not influence the decision to publish).

But what happens to books that are just as worthy of publication—that hold interest for a small but dedicated core of readers? Such works often fall between the cracks of the publishing system. They may be too narrow to attract an agent or a commercial house. They may not be right for the lists of literary or academic imprints. Their authors may resort in desperation to vanity presses or attempt self-publishing with mediocre—or worse—results. After all, new technologies make layout and printing a simple matter, right?

The most critical element in this latter mix is knowledge (the publisher's, not just yours). Consider the editorial process. Far too many books with otherwise admirable merits reach readers without undergoing the vital stages of content reviewing, developmental editing, copyediting, fact-checking, and proofreading. A book that skips these key processes too often becomes an embarrassment to its author and its "publisher." Or far too little attention is paid to functional and attractive design, or to effective packaging and marketing.

It's true. There are on-demand publishers that allow you to pick and choose, from a menu, which services you wish to pay for. It sounds like a great way to get your work into print with a modest investment. But sad experience also proves that it may only amount to a fast way to produce a bad book.

Winoca Press is different. Our standards of publishing quality:

Full-service manuscript editing, copyediting, and assistance with proofreading
Functional and attractive design
State-of-the-art manufacturing: perfect-bound, saddle-stitched, coil-bound, or casebound formats
Marketing support, from publicity to Web promotion

The Winoca approach
Winoca Books & Media titles represent a symbiotic partnership between publisher and author. As publishers, we bring our full range of editorial, packaging, and marketing expertise to each title—while as author, you exercise your unique understanding of your particular readers. The author's financial subvention distributes up-front risk, allowing us to publish deserving books for niche markets and to print quantities of copies only as needed. It also provides the opportunity for revision or correction when an update is called for.

As with traditional publishing channels, however, the manuscript consideration process at Winoca is selective. Every project is rigorously reviewed, and a title is accepted only if the quality of its content warrants publication. We do not publish works of a gratuitously violent, discriminatory, or erotic nature, and we reserve the right to reject any project according to our discretion.

Dedicated readers, committed authors
Perhaps you're a poet, essayist, commentator, speaker, teacher, or community personality. Maybe you're a local historian, genealogist, storyteller, or folklorist. Or you're an authority in a specialized area.

The book you write may be the result of years of careful, detailed research or firsthand knowledge that exists nowhere else. Your words may be rich in heritage, wisdom, and art. If you already have a strong bond with an eager following in your niche, maybe it's time your audience had the chance to see your words in print.

Or, a legitimately published book could help build or enhance the awareness and reputation you're seeking. Readers in these areas are motivated and willing to pay for quality content. But the key word here is quality. Winoca’s mission is to bring the right writers together with their dedicated readers—through the medium of a well-made book.

Publisher's and author's roles
You may submit your project to us via a brief query letter and a sample of your manuscript. If we determine that your book is right for our list, we will reply with a custom proposal outlining publisher's and author's roles and responsibilities.

For every title, we provide standard text editing and design; standard cover design; processing of ISBN, Library of Congress catalog data, and copyright registration; submission of your book to all major retailers; inclusion in Winoca’s online catalog; and the first 10 copies of your book. We also prepare a marketing plan and provide guidance on marketing and distributing your book. It’s a turnkey package—you don’t have to pick and choose from a confusing menu of options.

Our proposal will outline terms for
• Author subvention
• Book pricing and discount terms for obtaining additional copies
• A simple contract and a production and publication schedule.

You are under no obligation to accept our proposal. But if you wish to pursue publication, you will be asked to:
• Return your signed contract
• Provide 50% payment of subvention in advance
• Review your edited manuscript and design according to the schedule, and respond in a timely manner with necessary corrections
• Review page proofs in a timely manner after all corrections have been made
• Decide how many copies you want to order in the first printing (balance due upon placement of order and transmittal of book to printing).

Retail sales and distribution are primarily the responsibility of the author, who has the most direct access to the book's readers. This arrangement gives you the opportunity to retain a larger share of sales revenue than a standard royalty contract allows, eliminates the problem of unanticipated returns from booksellers, and lets you profit from book sales immediately. However, on titles for which we license those rights from you, we will also promote and sell your books, issuing royalty statements and payments semiannually. For all our books, we preserve your book production files for future printings and revised editions.

At Winoca we believe the key to publishing good books is good editing. Our aim is to make every book the best it can be. Our dedication sets us apart—and ensures that every book we publish is one we’re proud to promote.

To see if your book fits our program, write

Readers and booksellers may order Winoca Press books directly from:

Book Orders
Winoca Books & Media
1923 29th St., Suite 2
Lubbock, Texas 79411 USA
806.747.1997 voice and fax

Or order online

Retail booksellers or gift stores wishing to order Winoca Press titles may also contact:

Parnassus Book Distributors
200 Academy Way, Columbia, SC 29206
Authors wishing to inquire about submitting a manuscript to Winoca Press should write to:

Manuscript Editors
Winoca Press
P. O. Box 30
Wilmington NC 28402-0030

Event organizers wishing to schedule a reading, book signing, or lecture should get in touch with:

Winoca Press
P. O. Box 30
Wilmington NC 28402-0030
806.747.1997 and fax



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Our standards of publishing quality
• Professional manuscript editing on every book
• Attractive and functional design
• State-of-the-art manufacturing: hardcover, perfect-bound, saddle-stitched, or coil-bound formats
• Marketing support, from publicity to web promotion


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